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Animade Studio specializes in producing animated videos for businesses of all types and sizes. We believe in creating a professional and engaging animated video, while providing the highest level of service. Remember – an animated video for your business is the best and most efficient marketing tool today in the digital age. It is the ace of your marketing strategy, the card that can take your business forward.

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What our clients say

Yael Peretz
Yael Peretz
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I recently discovered Animate Studio, and I found them through Google. It didn't take long for me to realize that this is a group of true professionals who truly understand their craft. The final product is of high quality, incredibly creative, and outside the box. We worked together on three animated videos that brought our ideas to life in a unique and inspiring way. There's no doubt that they are true experts in their field.
Itay Tzur Haim
Itay Tzur Haim
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Simply wow service! These are the most precise words I can use. Professional, punctual, open to adjustments and changes. Personalized service and, above all, creative and innovative. Enormous thanks! I'm your ambassador.
Assaf Greenboim
Assaf Greenboim
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Hold everything! You've stumbled upon an incredibly professional and creative company. We shared our vision with them for developing a product in the legal world, and we received an amazing video that vividly conveys the product's qualities and the world it operates in. I highly recommend them. Let Baruch bring your vision to life with flair.
Orr Karassin
Orr Karassin
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Studio Animade gives you absolutely efficient and professional service and an amazingly creative team. They did a super fast job with a great short animation informational and marketing video for our Check2Fly Lab.
Vered Eilon
Vered Eilon
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A professional, experienced team that's patient and works in complete collaboration with clients. It's a creative, smart, and enjoyable experience.
Assaf Odiz
Assaf Odiz
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They created a stunning animated video for me. A truly excellent and highly service-oriented company. I highly recommend them.
Kfar Navon
Kfar Navon
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I was referred to the studio by a friend, and indeed, the service was excellent. They are a team of friendly, professional people. Their communication is open, and they are punctual. A special thanks to Baruch Gutman. Highly recommended.
Amit Goren
Amit Goren
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Working with the studio was an absolute pleasure. They immediately grasped the message we wanted to convey, crafted the text perfectly, and created a fantastic animation that aligned seamlessly with our vision. All of this was accomplished with patience, openness, and remarkable adaptability. Truly exceptional.
Gilad Wrobel
Gilad Wrobel
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They produced a product video for me at a very high standard, and the entire process with them was highly professional and efficient. I wholeheartedly recommend their services.
m j
m j
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A team of professionals with outstanding capabilities, tackling every task with the utmost efficiency and creativity. Baruch and his team excel at tailoring themselves to even the smallest of requirements and adjustments. I wholeheartedly recommend them.
Shahar Hanoch
Shahar Hanoch
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I came across Animate after an extensive search in the market. As someone who has been involved in numerous animated videos, my requirements and expectations were exceptionally high. Baruch and his team helped us fine-tune the video to match our product's needs, demonstrating remarkable patience and attentiveness to all our requests. The video turned out absolutely perfect, and the feedback has been through the roof!...
3D Animation Video Production

Our advantages in creating 2D animations

Cost Efficient

With the help of an animated video, you can tell the story of your business and product without the need for filming days and expensive production.


In today's era, an animation video is an essential tool for any business or service provider. We will provide you with an impression of professionalism and seriousness.


Together, let's create a successful animated video that captures the viewer's full attention and allows us to convey our message with full focus.


We emphasize the importance of creating an animated video to simplify your product or service and deliver your message in a clear and light-hearted manner.

Don’t settle for a cheap and fast animation video production when it comes to your brand image!

Business animation videos are your business card in the modern world, your face and the first impression you leave on the customer as a business. Let us represent your business in an exciting, original, creative and enjoyable way, while being professional and with high quality that supports your brand image.

How do we produce animation videos for businesses in our studio?

The process of producing an animation video is similar to creating an image film. Therefore, in order to produce an animation video for a business or company, it is first necessary to understand the business! What does it sell? What are its advantages? What are its strengths? What image should be presented? Who are the people behind the business? What is the company’s ultimate goal? How is the business website designed? And who is the target audience?

All of these things give us a first idea and a broad understanding, a kind of framework within which we will create the video. In order to understand how we at Animade can help, first you are invited to lift the phone or stop by for coffee and get to know us.

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Our workflow in producing animation videos for businesses

The process of producing an animated video for businesses is composed of several simple stages:


Every animation video production requires a different approach that suits each business needs. Therefore, in the first stage, we listen to our client and understand their needs. During a joint meeting, we write down the messages on paper and look for the most suitable animation style for the client. Working on the animation video is a full cooperation with the client throughout the entire process starting from the concept stage.

Script Writing

While writing the script for the video, we are building a storyline interweaving all the crazy ideas we have raised as a concept. The scriptwriting is done in a ping-pong form between us and the client, until the ideas and creativity we bring are aligned with the message the client wants to convey in his animation video.


This is the most challenging and enjoyable stage in producing an animation video. It's the time when we allow ourselves to pause and strive to reach the most interesting design line that will serve the video in the best possible way. When we have the first design draft, we send it for the client's review. After feedback, we can filter out the rest of the video parts and move on to the expected animation stage.


The animation in the video is heavily dependent on the style we chose during the concept stage. The range is vast, from character animation to 3D animation. Anything is possible. At this stage, we produce an animation draft and approve it with the client. Then we refine the flow and pacing of the film and tackle even the smallest details. This ultimately makes all the difference. And here we have produced an animation video for your business.

Voice Over & Sound

After the animation video is done, it's time to add some music, sound effects, and if necessary, also voiceovers. Our studio works with top voice-over artists and sound experts to add an extra dimension to the video. Successful sound can significantly enhance the viewing experience and add focus and emotion that elevates the video to another level.

2D Animation videos for businesses

So the real question is why bother with producing a promotional video, and is it worth it to make an animated video for a business? The answer is absolutely yes. Not only because almost every digitally-active business has one, but also because animated video has become one of the most diverse and profitable digital marketing tools! And the graphics just keep getting better. But to believe us and join this global trend, let’s talk about some important facts. Here are a number of important facts that clarify why your business needs an animated video or at least a promotional video.

Animation videos for businesses - why with us?


Do stories help? Yes, they expose your true colors, what you're made of and how you communicate. Over 90% of consumers are likely to reward a brand for authenticity and share it with friends and family. In addition, over 60% are expected to buy from a brand that expresses itself authentically. In short, animated videos for businesses that showcase themselves and their products in an authentic way bring in more customers.

See it in your own eyes

Why just listen to a story when you can see it with your own eyes? Using as many senses as possible achieves a better connection and, of course, has a greater impact on the viewer. These emotional connections enhance your return on investment and audience engagement. A story told through videos can help you detail complex information and present it in smaller, more digestible pieces that are also more engaging. Videos inherently add additional dimensions to your story and can improve your narrative.

Your story in the front

When you tell a story, people start to listen. Strategic marketing through video begins by using content to evoke emotions and then linking those powerful emotions to a specific action. When those emotions are prompted again, it's possible that your animated video will also float in memory.

Animation Videos FAQ

If you choose to create an animated video for your business with Animaid, it will be done in a few simple steps:
1. Get to know the business and choose a concept that will serve the business in the best way possible
2. Write a script based on the concept and continuously share it with you until you get the green light
3. Choose the design that will serve the animated video in the best way possible
4. Choose the animation style, key characters, first draft approval by the customer, and then we’ll delve into the details until the animated video is perfect
5. Add sound and matching voiceovers.

The cost of producing an animated video is determined by several key factors, including whether the video is in two dimensions or three-dimensional animation, its duration, and its complexity. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed price quote based on your specific needs.

Production of a 2D animation video for businesses usually takes 2-4 weeks.

Production of a 3D animation video takes between 4-8 weeks.

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3 reasons why you should integrate animated videos into your marketing strategy

Every modern business is also a media company

Let's start with the fact that almost every company has an animated video for their business. If you look around, the vast majority of businesses today present themselves in digital media, which affects them and their market one way or another. Most of us post and share content almost every day, regardless of whether your business prints shirts or is a startup, you need to understand that you are also a media company (and if you're not yet, it's probably time). Social media is no longer just a hot thing, it is the only relevant thing beyond recommendations among friends.
Let's talk numbers - by 2025, over 85% of all internet traffic will be videos, which means that animated videos for businesses are definitely a relevant medium. Smart businesses have long adopted the use of videos and video content as a key tool in their marketing strategy, and the promotional video for a business has become a necessary and essential tool. Today, everyone creates content, so we expect businesses to do so too. Video is the most current, easiest to consume, and most preferred content for most people. Moreover, there is a need and desire for customers to see videos of companies they already know, support or follow (over 50%).

It's time to start thinking, publishing, and delivering the modern demand for videos, start promoting your brand, and building it for the long term. Create useful and engaging content as a way to ensure sales based on trust in your brand. An animated character that accompanies and represents your brand is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools for connecting and identifying customers with your business. Therefore, a promotional video for a business is amazing, but an animated video for a business is perfect.

It's great for SEO

If there is someone who loves videos more than us at Animaid, it's Google! Google's latest algorithm has changed the search landscape, favoring rich and engaging search results with unique content. The video explains it best. Since Google acquired YouTube, it seems that videos are getting preference over other types of content. Videos are ranking high for many search terms even when they are standing alone without a website. Animated videos are even better at capturing the attention of visitors and generating higher responses.

Embedding videos on your website will undoubtedly increase lead generation. Animated videos for businesses are a long and short-term strategic move. By creating your own content on YouTube, you automatically become part of the second-largest search engine. Google rewards content embedded in its largest search platform - YouTube. After all, about 90% of the top search results on Google's blended search results are from YouTube.

A good animation video can create authentic connection

Your brand is not a dry and lifeless strategy on a piece of paper or an Excel file, you must breathe life into it. Business animation videos are the heartbeat of your brand. A video does what text cannot do. It generates immediate, genuine and authentic interaction with your audience, who can continue to react or provide useful feedback in real-time as they experience, feel and perceive your product or business and the message you are delivering.

How an animated video can propel your business forward

Going viral

A company called Impact conducted research and found significant advantages to using video content for business engagement. Social videos generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined. Videos embedded on websites can increase traffic by up to 55%. Facebook videos increase user engagement by 33%. Simply mentioning the word "video" in an email subject line can increase click-through rates by 13%. With all these statistics in mind, the question remains: why are businesses not utilizing animation videos for their engagement needs?

Quality organic traffic

Marketing through animated videos for businesses generates a higher organic traffic as it contributes to longer stays on your website. A good video can drive over 150% increase in organic traffic. The lower the bounce rate from your website's entrance page, the higher its quality in the eyes of Google. Therefore, an animated video that showcases your business will keep customers on your site for longer, answer relevant questions, and ultimately prompt action, resulting in more organic traffic.

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It's time for your business to have an animated video

Feeling ready to upgrade your business and add a key player to your marketing strategy? It’s time to produce an animated video for your business. We would be happy to assist you in creating the best narrative for your business or product until you receive an impressive, interesting and clear message video that simply sells. 

At Animade Studio, we are responsible for making the production of an animated video for your business easy and well-communicated to your satisfaction, while adhering to maximum professionalism. Want to hear about 3D renderings?