Our brief story

In the kibbutz of “Ein Hashofet” in the north, a small animation studio resides, surrounded by a pastoral and charming atmosphere. Started in 2010, Studio Animaed focused from the beginning on advanced animation and visualization solutions, combining creativity and sophisticated technology tools.

As a service provider, they believe in dialogue and teamwork with the client throughout the process, understanding the significance of video as a business tool. Therefore, they work hard to provide personalized and professional service, ensuring their clients receive the highest quality marketing tools.

You are welcome to call, write, or even visit them at the studio. Together, you can create a dazzling and captivating video experience that will leave your customers anything but indifferent.

Baruch Gutman - Owner & 3D Artist

Baruch has been breathing and living video since he can remember, and as a step towards fulfilling his passion, he went on to study film at Tel Aviv University.

In 2010, after completing his studies, he began working as a freelance animator and later founded the animation studio, Animaed. From the beginning of his journey, Baruch decided to merge his love for cinema, animation and graphic design with his passion for innovative and groundbreaking technologies.

The combination of his abilities, together with the dedicated team he has gathered around him, enables Animaed Studio to bring every imaginative animation vision to life.

Yoav Offer - Animator & illustrator

Yoav is a graduate of the Academic Center for Design and Education in Haifa. In addition to his work as a designer and animator, Yoav currently teaches UX at WIZO Haifa Academy of Design and Education.

Yoav specializes in After Effects, Illustrator, and Photoshop. His animated films have been screened at various festivals around the world.

He dreams of one day writing and illustrating children's books.

Danit Peleg - Animation & Video Editor

Dana has over 20 years of experience in the field.

She has the sensitivity and the precise eye to create electricity in every frame and every cut. She will always find the drama and rhythm that will make all the difference.

Krembo - Muse

Krembo is the studio's pet. She is always with us and accompanies us through every challenge and success.
Krembo has a central role in the studio and occasionally reminds us that we need to stand up, stretch our legs, and take a short break, whether it's for play or a walk.

Bonnie - Mini Muse

Bonnie arrived at the studio as a young junior at the beginning of her career. At first, she showed enthusiasm and was diligent about after-effects, but for several months now she has mainly been sleeping during work hours.